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Thanksgiving: Recipes for a Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving: Recipes for a Holiday Meal

by Lou Seibert Pappas


Serving a satisfying and memorable Thanksgiving meal starts with getting organized, and Lou Seibert Pappas is here to help. With tips on serving styles, wine pairing suggestions, and a wealth of savory recipes that will please the whole family, Pappas's Thanksgiving is a comprehensive manual to guide you through the holiday, including easy step-by-step instructions for turkey cooking—from brining to carving.

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Whether you prepare and host Thanksgiving dinner every year, or you are new to the experience, the task can be a daunting one... Thanksgiving explores over 50 of your favorite holiday recipes, offering both traditional and contemporary dishes. With helpful tips for organizing the meal, this volume will ease the stress, making way for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Newsletter: Get ready for Thanksgiving and Stir up Sunday

Newsletter: Get ready for Thanksgiving and Stir up Sunday

The American holiday of Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November – this year November 24. Its origins lie in various days for thanksgiving across US history, and since the 1800s has become established as a date that brings families across the US together. Cooking for a crowd brings its challenges, even before you factor in everyone’s expectation of the special meal. Fear not, we’ve got everything you need to keep everyone happy.
Consuming Passions: cranberries

Consuming Passions: cranberries

Growing up, I have no memories of a cranberry that didn’t come from a can or bottle. It wasn’t until after I finished university that I made cranberry sauce for the first time. While that one didn’t end up being a winner, it did introduce me to the joys of fresh cranberries. Once I’d tasted the real deal, there was no going back – I’ve tried every cranberry recipe I could get my hands on.