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52 Weeks 52 Sweets

52 Weeks 52 Sweets

by Vedika Luthra


The debut cookbook from a Netherlands-based author whose YouTube channel ‘Hot Chocolate Hits’ has 180,000 subscribers. “Approachable but impressive” baking is what Luthra aims for, with a seasonal baking recipe for every week of the year. Her Apple and Cardamom Cake is a fusion of her Indian roots and Polish upbringing, and her Cherry Hand Pies are inspired by her time in the Netherlands.

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A collection of 52 delectable dessert recipes for each week of the year.
In this ode to seasonal baking, Vedika Luthra has crafted unique dessert
recipes using seasonal ingredients and unique flavor combinations ideal for
specific times of the year. Whether you’re looking for a stunning pumpkin
and brownie cheesecake to welcome fall to your household, or a festive
pavlova that serves as the grand finale to your Christmas party, this book
provides you with a recipe repertoire fit for all occasions. Indulge in unique 52
recipes, one for each week of the year, each accompanied by breathtaking
photographs that will kickstart your sugar cravings and inspire you to create
something special.

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