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The Potato Year: 300 Classic Recipes

The Potato Year: 300 Classic Recipes

by Lucy Madden


Lucy Madden’s comprehensive tuber tribute is complete with a dish for every day of the year. From dressed-up takes on old standbys, like an especially decadent Garlic Potato Puree, to the more inventive, such as Quilted Giraffe Potato Sushi and Cinnamon Potato Buns, the recipes are testaments to the fact that the spud is anything but a side dish.

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A member of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild of Ireland, Lucy is perhaps the best placed cook and writer to complete the ultimate seasonal potato cookbook, which contains over 300 recipes for any occasion. From traditional potato dishes to wild potato desserts, this book is the perfect companion for anyone interested in knowing more about the most versatile and nourishing vegetable in Ireland.

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