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The Plagiarist in the Kitchen

The Plagiarist in the Kitchen

by Jonathan Meades


Meet the anti-cookbook: this irreverent collection of 125 recipes comes courtesy of provocateur Jonathan Meades who attempts to debunk the myth of culinary innovation. Startling black-and-white images and bursts of Meades’ charged commentary accompany instructions for dishes like his mother’s deep-fried eggs, Goodfellas-inspired meatballs, and even avocado on toast.

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Jonathan Meades has also been called ‘the best amateur chef in the world’ by Marco Pierre White. His contention here is that anyone who claims to have invented a dish is delusional, dishonestly contributing to the myth of culinary originality…Meades delivers a polemical but highly usable collection of 125 of his favourite recipes, each one an example of the fine art of culinary plagiarism.

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Jake Hodges


Meades writes “an anti-cookbook” “an explicit paean to the avoidance of culinary originality (should such a thing exist)” “in the kitchen there is nothing new and nor can there be anything new. It’s all, theft” SAY NO MORE.