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Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit

Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit

by Abra Berens

from the publisher

First vegetables, then grains, and now, fruit. This is the beautiful follow-up to Abra Berens's Ruffage and Grist, with more than 215 recipes and variations for using fruit in sweet and savory recipes to highlight seasonality and flavor.

Pulp is a hardworking book of recipes that focuses on all the ways fruit can enhance simple, delicious mains - for example, by elevating roasted vegetables, garnishing soup, or adding perfume to a roasted pork or brisket. Unlike Ruffage and Grist, Pulp is about regularly incorporating fruit to add variety and seasonality to main dishes.

Home cooks and bakers alike will rejoice in the alternately sweet and savory recipes such as Roast Chicken over Blueberries, Cornbread + Lemon; Melon, Cucumber + Chickpea Salad; and Rum-Plum Clafoutis. The book also features helpful reference material, a Baker's Toolkit, and more than 100 atmospheric photos, delivered with the can-do attitude and accessibility of the Midwestern United States. At 432 pages, this next hefty offering from beloved, trusted author Abra Berens is a necessary addition to any kitchen shelf alongside its predecessors and other mainstays like Plenty, Six Seasons, and Small Victories.

"Organized by fruit type, Pulp is the ultimate culinary reference book that empowers home cooks to experiment and trust themselves in the kitchen." - The Cut

"Berens is a cookbook superstar, and her innovative way of creating books, and talking about and sharing food, is a pleasure to read." - Library Journal, starred review

"Another winner from Berens, Pulp is a beautiful and necessary book for anybody who loves fruit and wants to not only find good recipes, but wants to really learn how to handle it and use it in the most efficient and delicious ways possible." - Vice

"Locally focused but widely applicable, this will have home chefs heading to the farmers market or produce aisle with renewed confidence." -Publisher's Weekly

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