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What to Eat Now (Autumn & Winter)

What to Eat Now (Autumn & Winter)

by Valentine Warner

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In 'What to Eat Now - Autumn & Winter' Valentine Warner take us on a mouth-watering journey seeking out the foods and ingredients the colder months have to offer. In this seasonal guide Valentine shows how autumn's meat, including lamb, pork, duck and partridge, is often roasted, braised or served in stews and pies. Fish is found in batter, soup, on toast and quickly fried. There are rich dairy dishes and an abundance of vegetable dishes using beetroot, cabbage, sweetcorn, pumpkins and so much more.

This is a book for the inquisitive eater with the recipes that are both simple and satisfying. Most of all with Valentine's engaging style, it promises to bring a little pleasure into your kitchen and joy to your table.

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Author profile: Valentine Warner

Author profile: Valentine Warner

Valentine Warner is a chef, author and TV presenter, who achieved acclaim for What to Eat Now, a pair of TV series which focused on cooking with the seasons. We are delighted that four of Valentine's cookbooks are now available in full on ckbk. In this author profile, Gabriella English speaks to Warner about his style of cooking and how it has developed.

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