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The Part-Time Vegetarian: Flexible Recipes to Go (Nearly) Meat-Free

The Part-Time Vegetarian: Flexible Recipes to Go (Nearly) Meat-Free

by Nicola Graimes


UK-based food writer Graimes has written extensively on vegetarian and ‘flexitarian’ cooking. In this book, she addresses health, animal welfare, and environmental factors in a level-headed way, and Graimes’s recipes – vegetarian, with options for additional meat or fish – are simple, practical, and appealing, whoever you’re cooking for.

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Whether for personal, practical or planetary reasons, more and more people are adopting a flexitarian diet that has less meat and fish, and is mostly vegetarian. In The Part-Time Vegetarian Nicola Graimes presents a collection of fresh new recipes, all vegetarian, but many with a Part-Time Option showing how to include meat or fish if you want. She explores a world of vegetarian flavours that will turn your expectations of meat-free eating around.

Try Smoked Cheese Potato Cakes with Crispy Kale for the ultimate comfort food supper, or go for the variation of Salmon Potato Cakes as an indulgent weekend brunch. Or make the flavour-packed options of Lebanese Labneh Balls or Spiced Lamb Meatballs when entertaining vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. This is a creative guide to a delicious way of eating.

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