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French Countryside Cooking

French Countryside Cooking

by Daniel Galmiche


French-born chef Daniel Galmiche’s recipes are inspired by the countryside of England’s Chiltern Hills where he lives, and the country’s forests, orchards, fields, and pastures. Classic French cooking made ultra-accessible, with a focus on simplicity and the abundance of nature.

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Multiple-Michelin-starred Daniel Galmiche presents a fresh approach to French cooking. Taking inspiration and ingredients from meadow and orchard, from field to forest, and from river to sea, each recipe takes authentic French rural classics and elevates them to sophisticated dishes, full of flavour and easy to create at home.

French cooking centres around one maxim: start with quality ingredients, and the resulting flavour and freshness of the dish will shine. Daniel shows how to showcase the humblest of ingredients, with tips on how to source them sustainably and seasonally. Starters, mains, sides and desserts are organised by the origin of their key ingredient. From the meadow, gather flowers for a dandelion, wild thyme and lemon cake. From the farmyard, make use of a chicken carcass to create a beautifully clear and nourishing broth. Or from the sea, create a stunning scallop soufflé with mushroom and tarragon cream.

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French Countryside Cooking: Watch the replay of our cookalong with Daniel Galmiche

French Countryside Cooking: Watch the replay of our cookalong with Daniel Galmiche

Star chef and cookbook author Daniel Galmiche was joined by Claire Bosi, editor of Chef & Restaurant Magazine, for a live cookalong from Daniel’s new book, French Countryside Cooking, published by Nourish Books.Check out the recording on ckbk’s YouTube channel to see Daniel make Warm White Asparagus Salad with Grapefruit Zest Vinaigrette, one of the mainly beautiful, seasonal recipes in his new book.
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