Plant Feasts: Recipes for slow living in a fast-paced world

Plant Feasts: Recipes for slow living in a fast-paced world

by Frankie Paz

from the publisher

Plant-based cooking meets self-care in this cookbook that brings community and connection back to meal times - these delicious plant-based recipes are easy, beautiful and deeply nourishing.

"This is a heartfelt, vivacious cookbook full of delicious plant-based recipes.” - Jamie Oliver

Bring Your Life Into Balance with the Power of Nature

Born from a journey of overcoming addiction, this is a cookbook like no other, offering easy, plant-based recipes as a gateway to nature, community and self-discovery.

- Enjoy gluten-free, immune-boosting recipes like Green Vibes Soup with Foraged Nettles and Wild Orange Chocolate Ganache Tart
- Bring friends, family, communities and strangers together with dishes to share like Cauliflower and Kale Bake with Parsley Cashew Cheese, or Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges With All the Plant Thrills
- Cook as an act of self-care, with wildflowers, banging sauces and vibrant colours, like Warming Beetroot Salad with Spicy Lentils Drizzled with Peanut Sauce, or Celeriac with Macademia Ricotta and Padron Peppers
- Elevate your spirit with Frankie’s iconic tonics and potions, including Grandma’s “Chill The Fuck Out” Chicory Potion to soothe the nervous system, and a Stay Up Till Sunrise Potion for natural highs

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