Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl

by Pierre Thiam

from the publisher

Senegal will transport you deep into the country s rich, multifaceted cuisine. You ll feel the sun at your back and the cool breeze off the Atlantic, hear the sizzle of freshly caught fish hitting the grill, and bask in the tropical palm forests of Casamance. Inspired by the depth of Senegalese cooking and the many people he s met on his culinary journey, these recipes are Pierre Thiam s own creative, modern takes on the traditional. Learn to cook the vibrant, diverse food of Senegal, such as soulful stews full of meat falling off the bone; healthy ancient grains and dark leafy greens with superfood properties; fresh seafood grilled over open flame, served with salsas singing of bright citrus and fiery peppers; and lots of fresh vegetables and salads bursting with West African flavors. You won t just be learning to make a few dishes, you ll learn about the Senegalese people, the stories of their past, and importantly, the issues they face today and tomorrow. This is the food of Senegal, from the source to the bowl.

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Recommended by

Yemisi Aribisala

Food writer

Bewitchment from start to finish. Ravishingly photographed with images of freshly caught fish, places of worship, homes, multicoloured fishing boats, the Casamance river with rice paddies, palm wine, palm oil, honey and fresh oysters. Interspersed with portraits of lamb shank mafe, fonio pilaf, sorrel-okra sauce, Nigerian kilishi, coconut mussels with crispy yuca fries, red palm brownies and poached mangoes…

Suzy Chase

Host/producer of cookbook podcast Cookery by the Book

Both a cookbook and anthropological tour of Senegal of Africa’s west coast.

Julia Turshen

Food writer