Countryman's Cooking

by W.M.W. Fowler

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Arlington Books
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Recommended by

Chris J L Young


Granted, he was bluff old cove, whose writing is smattered with now politically incorrect sentiments that betray his Edwardian upbringing. At the same time, he was advocating free-range chicken over half a century ago and tells a damn good yarn whilst teaching you to catch, prep and cook fish, game, meat and more.

Henry Herbert

Retail Director, Hobbs House Bakery

My dad bought me this and it’s a total gem. Not only does it have advice on how to lure a local lass over to make your pie pastry with a bottle of gin, it also has a recipe for a Cormorant. You will have to read it to see what I mean.

Jake Hodges


Very much a first catch, gut and skin your hare first book. Unashamedly male writing, dedicated to his second wife ‘Slosh’. In the event of an apocalypse keep this book close as it will show you how to get from live beast to meal.

Thom Eagle

Chef and writer

So useful, especially on game, taking you through trapping, killing, skinning, hanging...