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Persia in Peckham

Persia in Peckham

by Sally Butcher


Step from the streets of Peckham into a slice of Persian food paradise as Persepolis shop owner Sally Butcher shows you around the Iranian kitchen. Butcher details the recipes used in and inspired by her Persian food shop. From Steak with Fenugreek to Rhubarb Stew to Afghan Lamb and Turnip Casserole, Persia in Peckham will guide you in bringing Middle Eastern flavors into your kitchen.

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Persepolis is a foodie's paradise. Sally Butcher and her husband Jamshid have created a food store from heaven, gathering all that’s best from Iran and the Middle East.…This book distils all that is remarkable about this shop and the style of cooking that it supports.…The recipes are full and informative, covering every aspect of Persian cookery[.]

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Prospect Books
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Kerstin Rodgers

Chef, author and blogger

Sally Butcher’s Middle eastern books have been slightly overshadowed by younger, more telegenic cookbook authors of late. But Sally is a true character, a red haired fiery whirlwind of energy, who spreads the word about great Middle Eastern food from the depths of urban Peckham. She’s a shopkeeper as well as a chef and writer and does all of them equally well. She’s funny too.