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New Wave Asian: A Guide to the Southeast Asian Food Revolution

New Wave Asian: A Guide to the Southeast Asian Food Revolution

by Sri Owen


Sri Owen, award-winning author and expert on Southeast Asian cuisine, applies her unique, innovative touch to recipes she describes as "new wave" Asian cuisine. Contributions from some of the continent’s most influential chefs and a wide-range of dishes from different regions come together in this ecletic, noughties cookbook.

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Asian food is not only the nation's favourite dining-out treat but is also a massive influence on what we choose to eat on a daily basis. New Wave Asian takes us beyond stir-fries and sweet-and-sour pork and introduces exciting, innovative combinations such as fish and prawn dumplings in ginger and lemongrass broth, oyster with Thai piquant sauce, Thai salads, and spicy rice sticks. As the doyenne of Southeast Asian cuisine, Sri Owen, gives the reader all the know-how they need to make the most of this exciting food culture. From the basic philosophy of Asian food, to cooking techniques, delicious dishes, as well as recipe contributions from some of the continent's most influential chefs such as Sam Leong from the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore, this is the complete guide to contemporary Asian cooking.

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