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The Quinoa Cookbook

The Quinoa Cookbook

by Penny Doyle


Quinoa has risen to prominence as a nutritious and versatile ingredient. Penny Doyle traces the grain's history from ancient to contemporary times. The book is full of practical information: how to get the most flavor from the grain, how to use it to make pastry, and how to substitute it for wheat flour in sauces, or in place of rice in traditionally rice-based dishes. The recipes are easy to follow too.

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This is an inspired collection of original quinoa recipes that make the most of this amazing superfood. An informative introduction covers the story of quinoa, where it is cultivated, its nutritional properties and how to use it to maximum effect in a healthy diet. It shows how to utilize the incredible properties of this gluten-free 'pseudograin' in recipes such as Granola with Fig and Date Compote, Seared Malaysian Scallops on Black Chilli Quinoa, Bean Jambalaya and Mocha Brownies. Rich in protein, cholesterol-free and low in fat, the vibrant, tasty recipes in this book will help you radically improve your eating habits. Each recipe has a full nutritional breakdown so you can see exactly what the benefits of quinoa are. Native to the Altiplano people of South America, quinoa was a valued food of the Incas, who began growing it over 7000 years ago. Still cultivated in Peru and Bolivia but also in Colorado, Canada, Europe, Kenya and India, it has proved itself to be an adaptable and hardy crop, valued as a gluten-free food, superior to any other cereal; low in fat, cholesterol free, a good source of minerals and vitamins, and rich in protein. This book offers every conceivable way to use this fantastic food in appetizers, soups, main courses, side dishes and desserts that are packed with vibrant tastes. Whether you want a quick and easy family lunch or a striking and impressive dinner party dish, this book offers a nutrition-packed recipe for every occasion, illustrated in over 320 photographs.

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