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Eat Bike Cook: Food Stories & Recipes from Female Cyclists

Eat Bike Cook: Food Stories & Recipes from Female Cyclists

by Kitty Pemberton-Platt


This is not a book about sports nutrition: it’s far more fun than that. It explains why carbs, fat, and protein matter, and why you need to stay hydrated, but it’s the ‘nosy factor’ that that's the clincher. This is an insider’s look at what real sportswomen eat – and the do-able recipes hold real appeal for real people.

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Eat Bike Cook brings together 40 delicious easy recipes created to meet the energy demands of cyclists, with tips, hacks and food diaries from women cyclists, both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. There are quick, up-and-at-'em breakfast ideas to charge you up pre-ride, energy-boosting back pocket picnics to keep you going strong while you're on the road and wonderfully restorative main meals to share with friends once you've crossed the finish line.

With stunning food photography and illustrations by Kitty Pemberton-Platt, whose drawings have lit up Instagram with their honest visualisations of what female cyclists really eat. As well as providing inspiration on easy and tasty ways to fuel for days on the bike, Eat Bike Cook is a celebration of the female cycling community: of the great chat in a cafe mid-ride, of the handful of Haribos that gets you through the last 25km and the shared beer and burger at the end of the day.

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