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Biting Biting: Snacking Gujarati-Style

Biting Biting: Snacking Gujarati-Style

by Urvashi Roe


Beer snacks, bhajia, salty snacks, sweet nibbles… these ‘small eats’ are typical of the things that Urvashi Roe’s family feast on when they get together. Small they may be, but they’re packed full of family memories, and Roe tells her family’s history, from Gujarat to East Africa to Britain, with honesty and wit – and, of course, plenty of food.

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Urvashi Roe was brought up in a family who loved to snack. Any news of impending visitors would prompt a flurry of activity in the kitchen. Within 30 minutes her mother and aunties would have the ‘biting biting’ prepared - a spread of vegetarian and vegan snacks made with store cupboard ingredients and leftovers.

Her family are originally from Gujarat in India, but Urvashi grew up in Tanzania in East Africa, where she lived until she was a teenager. Their family tradition of ‘biting biting’ takes its roots from classic Gujarati farsan - salty snacks served with tea or as street food - famous throughout the Indian subcontinent. The recipes evolved to use East African ingredients like cassava, then again as the family moved to the UK.

Biting Biting is a celebration of this delicious family custom, and of the food of the Gujarati diaspora in Africa and in the UK. Take a trip into the world of Gujarati-style snacking and discover savoury bitings such as Reveya (Peanut Stuffed Aubergine) and Fafra (gram flour crispbreads). There is a section of beer snacks like Masala Kaju (Chilli and Cumin spiced Cashew Nuts) or her uncles’ legendary Shak Sandwich (a vegetable curry toasted sandwich), and a full chapter of bhajiya including everything from the classic Onion Bhajiya to some crazy delicious Kenyan-style Potato Fritters.

Extremely tasty, quick and easy to prepare these snacks will set your tastebuds buzzing. Next time you have guests for tea or you need a little something that’s not quite lunch or dinner, you can simply reach for some Biting Biting inspiration.

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Just Published: Biting Biting

Just Published: Biting Biting

London-based author Urvashi Roe’s new book, Biting Biting, traces her family’s roots from India to Tanzania (where she was born) and to London. It’s a celebration of home-style vegetarian and vegan snacks – beer snacks, salty snacks, sweet nibbles… Small these snacks may be, but they are packed with memories, and Roe tells her family’s history with honesty and wit.