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The Little Thai Cookbook

The Little Thai Cookbook

by Marshall Cavendish


Sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy… Those are the building-block flavors of Thai cooking, and this book shows how to balance those elements in a way that will deliver recipes for rice & noodles, soups, meat and fish dishes and snacks and desserts that hit all the right flavor notes.

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Thai cuisine, one of the most exotic cuisines in Asia, is a perfect and harmonious blend between spicy, hot and bland ingredients with unforgettable flavourful results. Bring with you the alluring flavours of Thailand with The Little Thai Cookbook. This collection of 45 recipes features some of the country's most popular dishes including spicy noodles with meat sauce, tangy papaya salad, piquant seafood soup and the refreshing mock pomegranate seeds in sweetened coconut milk.

Clearly explained recipes ensure that home cooks will be able to produce authentic and delicious Thai food to share with friends and family. The Little Thai Cookbook combines all the delights and best of Thai cooking into one practical cookbook - this is one cookbook that everyone should get.

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Marshall Cavendish
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