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Pei-Mei’s Chinese Cookbook

Pei-Mei’s Chinese Cookbook

by Fu Pei-Mei


Variously either the Julia Child or Delia Smith of Chinese cooking, with at least one cookbook said to be in every Chinese home...

from the publisher

The publication of the three volumes of “Pei-Mei’s Chinese Cookbook,” in 1969, 1974, and 1979 were the first to teach authentic regional style Chinese cooking to the public. They were among the first to have full color pictures of the finished dish. It was easy to follow the recipes due to clear and concise instructions and being well laid out. Each recipe is met with enthusiasm by guests.

“Pei-Mei’s Cookbooks” demystified Chinese cooking techniques. They taught the proper use of the cleaver, that the degree of heat is always critical, and that thickness and ingredient size contribute to texture, taste, and visual delight.

The three volumes became de rigueur for every bride, and copies, often with hand-written notes in the margins, and were frequently passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter in both China and the United States for years.

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