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GIVEAWAY! Get started with sous vide

The insider’s trick for cooking perfect proteins every time


Ever wondered how your favorite restaurant achieves perfectly poached eggs, the juiciest pork chops and delicately set custards? Their secret: sous vide.

Sous vide which translates to "under vacuum" is a way of cooking food at a steady and low temperature in a water bath. The method has long been favored in professional kitchens and is becoming increasingly popular among home cooks who've discovered the wonders of cooking this way as the tools needed for sous vide have become more accessible. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win one of the latest generation of wifi-enabled sous vide devices.

We've added the cookbook Champions of Sous Vide to our collection, a perfect companion to those wanting to get up to speed on sous vide at home. Published by the International Sous Vide Association (ISVA), the book offers an introduction to the basics, demystifies the temperature vs. time question, plus provides recipes from two dozen sous vide all-stars such as J. Kenji Lopez Alt (try his recipe for Wursthall’s Slow-Cooked B.L.T. Sandwiches), James Briscione and more. 

Co-founders Mike La Charite and Jason Logsdon tell us they started ISVA to provide education, networking opportunities, and experiential events for enthusiasts (both professional and amateur) of the sous vide cooking method. They're heading to San Francisco this summer to host their annual Sous Vide Summit for cooks of all levels who want to up their sous vide game.

Browse over 100 sous vide recipes on ckbk, or work your way through Mike La Charite's essential sous vide recipes collection—you'll be cooking like a master in no time.

ISVA, co-founder Mike LaCharite shared his essential sous vide recipes in this community collection:

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