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So you think you know ... spices of the world

ckbk has teamed up with the spice experts at Seasoned Pioneers to test your knowledge of the world's spices. Seasoned Pioneers' aim is to introduce adventurous cooks to their extensive range of premium spices, chillies, herbs and specialty seasonings from around the world. Pair all of that up with the thousands of recipes on ckbk, and you're certain to reach new culinary heights. (Here’s a guide to get you started.)

Once you’ve completed the quiz, treat yourself to a fresh collection of spices and shop with Seasoned Pioneers, they’re offering 20% off with code CKBK, good through October 18th, 2020.

Explore the World of Spices with ckbk

Take your palate on a world tour through the ckbk collection.


The Food of Southeast Asia

ckbk co-founder Nadia Arumugam launches the first in our two-part series on the cuisines of Southeast Asia.

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