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'Shoppable cookbooks' – ckbk users in the USA can now order recipe ingredients via Instacart

You may have heard of shoppable recipes, but with ckbk latest new feature, the whole cookbook is shoppable! Thanks to our newly released integration with the Instacart app, the ingredients for every recipe in every cookbook on the site can now be instantly ordered online. Instacart’s service is available to US ckbk users only, for now, but more such grocery partnerships are coming.


How does it work?

Every recipe on ckbk now includes a “Get ingredients with Instacart” button at the bottom of the ingredients list.

Step 1: Choose your recipe…


Step 2: Click “Get Ingredients with Instacart” button.


Step 3: Using the Instacart app (or the Instacart website, if you do not have the app installed), choose your preferred local store and then choose which ingredients you wish to add. You can select from alternative choices for each ingredient match, if needed.


Step 4: Add any additional groceries to your basket

Step 5: Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries is this service available?

The ‘Get Ingredients with Instacart’ button is currently only available for ckbk users within the US, but more such grocery partnerships are coming for ckbk customers.

Which stores can I order from?

Instacart partners with the most popular national and regional retailers in the US, such as Albertsons, ALDI, Costco, CVS, Kroger, Loblaw, Publix, Sam's Club, Sprouts, and Wegmans, among others. (more info).

Can I order ingredients from more than one store?

Yes, Instacart allows you to place an order from multiple stores. This may be useful if you need to use a specialist store for certain ingredients (e.g. an Asian grocer such as H Mart). Bear in mind that there is a separate delivery charge / minimum spend for free delivery for each store.

Can I order ingredients for multiple recipes at one time?

Yes, simply use the ‘Get ingredients with Instacart’ button on each recipe to continue to build up your cart, and then when you are ready, go through check-out to place the order.

What about ingredients which have sub-recipes?

If a recipe includes a link to a ‘basic recipe’ on its ingredient list (e.g. this Barbuto chicken recipe includes Salsa Verde as an ingredient), you can choose between going to that basic recipe to add its ingredients to your basket, or selecting a ready-made alternative as a shortcut. It’s up to you - we won’t tell!

Does this also work in the ckbk app?

Yes - be sure to install the latest ckbk app from the App Store or Google Play to access the shoppable recipes feature.