Stuffed Tomato Salads


  • 6 large firm tomatoes
  • crisp lettuce leaves

Stuffing, Choice of

  • Finely-shredded lettuce leaves; cold cooked asparagus tips; salad dressing or
  • chopped celery, finely-diced cooked carrot ; canned peas ; salad dressing or
  • chopped hard–boiled egg; chopped gherkins; salad dressing or
  • chopped shrimps or prawns; finely–shredded lettuce leaves ; salad dressing


Cut off the tops of the tomatoes, take out the centres and the pulp. Use a little of the pulp with the stuffing. Mix the chosen stuffing and fill the tomatoes. Put back the tops. Garnish with tiny sprigs of parsley or with a suitable ingredient of the filling. Dish on crisp lettuce leaves on individual dishes or plates.