To Force the Inside of a Surloin of Beef


Take a sharp Knife and carefully lift up the Fat of the Inside, rake out all the Meat close to the Bone, chop it small, take a Pound of the Sewet and chop fine, about as many Crumbs of Bread, a little Thyme and Lemon-peel, a little Pepper and Salt, Half a Nutmeg grated, and two Shalots chopp’d fine; mix all together, with a Glass of Red Wine, then put it into the same Place, cover it with the Skin and Fat, skewer it down with fine Skewers, and cover it with Paper; don’t take the Paper off till the Meat is in the Dish. Take a Quarter of a Pint of Red Wine, two Shalots Shred small, boil them, and pour into the Dish, with the Gravy which comes out of the Meat eats well. Spit your Meat before you take out the Inside.