To Stuff a Leg or Shoulder of Mutton


Take a little grated Bread, some Beef Sewet, the Yolks of hard Eggs, three Anchovies, a Bit of an Onion, some Pepper and Salt, a little Thyme and Winter Savoury, twelve Oysters, and some Nutmeg grated; mix all these together, fined them very fine, work them up with raw Eggs like a Paste, stuff your Mutton under the Skin in the thickest Place, or where you please, and roast it: For Sauce, rake some of the Oyster Liquor, some Claret, one Anchovy, a little Nutmeg, a Bit of an Onion, and a few Oysters; stew all these together, then take out your Onion, pour your Sauce under your Mutton, and send it to Table. Garnish with Horse-raddish.