Calf’s Chitterlings or Andouilles


Take some of the largest Calf’s Guts, cleanse them, cut them in Pieces proportionable to the Length of the Puddings you design to make, and tye one End of these Pieces, then take some Bacon, with a Calf’s Udder and Chaldron blanched, and cut into Dice or Slices, put them into a Stew-pan and season with fine Spice pounded, a Bay-Leaf, some Salt, Pepper, and Shalot cut final, and about Half a Pint of Cream; toss it up, take oft' the Pan, and thicken your Mixture with four or five Yolks of Eggs and some Crumbs of Bread, then fill up your Chitterlings with the Stuffing, keep it warm, tye the other Ends with Packthread, blanch and boil them like Hog’s Chitterlings, let them grow cold in their own Liquor before you serve them up; boil them over a moderate Fire, and serve them up pretty hot. These Sort of Andouilles, or Puddings, must be made in Summer, when Hogs are seldom kill’d.