Various Ways of dressing a Pig

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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First skin your Pig up to the Ears whole, then make a good Plumb-pudding Batter, with good Beef Fat, Fruit, Eggs, Milk, and Flour, fill the Skin, and few it up, it will look like a Pig; but you must bake it, flour it very well, and rub it all over with Butter, and when it is near enough draw it to the Oven’s Mouth, rub it dry, and put it in again for a few Minutes; then lay it in the Dish? and let the Sauce be small Gravy and Butter in the Dish: Cut the other Part of the Pig into four Quarters, roast them as you do Lamb, throw Mint and Parsley on it as it roasts; then lay them on Water-cresses, and have Mint-Sauce in a Baton. Any one of these Quarters will make a pretty Side Dish: Or take one Quarter and roast, and cut the other into Steaks, and fry them fine and brown, have stew’d Spinach in the Dish, and lay the Roast upon it, and the Fry’d in the Middle; Garnish with hard Eggs and Seville Oranges cut into Quarters, and have some Butter in a Cup: Or for Change, you may have good Gravy in the Dish, and garnish with fry’d Parsley and Lemon: Or you may make a Ragoo of Sweetbreads, Artichoke Bottoms, Truffles, Morels, and good Gravy, and pour over them; garnish with Lemon. Either of these will do for a Top Dish of a First Course, or Bottom Dishes at a Second Course; yon may fricasey it White for a Second Course at Top, or a Side Dish.

You may take a Pig, skin him, and fill him with Force-Meat made thus: Take two Pounds of young Pork, Fat and all, two Pounds of Veal the same, some Sage, Thyme, Parsley, a little Lemon-peel, Pepper, Salt, Mace, Cloves, and a Nutmeg, mix them, and beat them fine in a Mortar, then fill the Pig, and few it up; you may either roast or bake it: Have nothing but good Gravy in the Dish: Or you may cut it in Slices, and lay the Head in the Middle: Save the Head whole with the Skin on, and roast it by itself, when it is enough cut it in two, and lay in your Dish; have ready some good Gravy and dried Sage rubb’d in it, thicken it with a Piece of Butter roll’d in Flour, take out the Brains, beat them up with the Gravy, and pour them into the Dish; you may add a hard Egg chopped, and put into the Sauce.

Note, You may make a very good Pie of it, as you may see in the Directions for Pies, which you may either make a Bottom or Side Dish.

You must observe in your White Fricasey that you take off the Fat: Or you may make a very good Dish thus: Take a Quarter of Pig skinned, cut it into Chops, season them with Spice, and walk them with the Yolks of Eggs, butter the Bottom of a Dish, lay these Steaks on the Dish, and upon every Steak lay some Force-Meat the Thickness of Half a Crown, made thus: Take Half a Pound of Veal, and of Fat Pork the same Quantity, chop them very well together, and beat them in a Mortar fine; add some Sweet Herbs and Sage, a little Lemon-peel, Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt, and a little beaten Mace; upon this lay a Layer of Bacon, or Ham, and then a Bay-Leaf; take a little fine Skewer and stick just in about two Inches long, to hold them together, then pour a little melted Butter over them, and send them to the Oven to bake; when they are enough lay them in your Dish, and pour good Gravy over them, with Mushrooms, and Garnish with Lemon.