To roast a Pig with the Skin on


Let your Pig be newly killed, draw him, flea him, and wipe him very dry with a Cloth, then make a hard Meat, with a Pint of Cream, the Yolks of Six Eggs, grated Bread and Beef Sewet, leal'oned with Salt, Pepper, Mace, Nutmeg, Thyme, and Lemon-peel; make of this a pretty stiff Pudding, stuff the Belly of the Pig, and few it up; then spit it, and lay it down to roast: Let your Dripping-pan be very clean, then pour into it a Pint of Red Wine, grate some Nutmeg all over it, then throw a little Salt over, a little Thyme, and some Lemon-peel minced; when it is enough shake a little Flour over, and baste it with Butter, to have a fine Froth. Take it up and lay it in your Dish, cut off the Head, take the Sauce which is in your Dripping-pan, and thicken it with a Piece of Butter; then take the Brains, bruise them, and mix them with the Sauce; rub in a little dried Sage, pour it into your Dish, and serve it up. Garnish with hard Eggs cut into Quarters, and if you have not Sauce enough add Half a Pint of good Gravy.

Note, You must take great Care no Allies fall into the Dripping-pan, which may be prevented by having a good Fire, which will not want any stirring.