To dress a Turky or Fowl to Perfection


Bone them, and make a Force-Meat thus: Take the Flesh of a Fowl, cut it small, then take a Pound of Veal, beat it in a Mortar, with Half a Pound of Beef Sewet, as much Crumbs of Bread, some Mushrooms, Truffles, and Morels cut small, a few Sweet Herbs and Parsley, with some Nutmeg, Pepper, and Salt, a little Mace beaten, some Lemon-peel cut fine; mix all these together, with the Yolk of two Eggs, then fill your Turky, and roast it. This will do for a large Turky, and so in Proportion for a Fowl. Let your Sauce be good Gravy, with Mushrooms, Truffles, and Morels in it; then Garnish with Lemon, and for Variety fake you may lard your Fowl or Turky.