Chickens boiled with Bacon and Sellery


Boil two Chickens very white in a Pot by themselves, and a Piece of Ham, or good thick Bacon; boil two Bunches of Sellery tender, then cut them about two Inches long, all the white Part, put it into a Sauce-pan with Half a Pint of Cream, a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and some Pepper and Salt; let it on the Fire, and shake it often: When it is thick and fine, lay your Chickens in the Dish and pour the Sauce in the Middle, that the Sellery may lie between the Fowls, and Garnish the Dish all round with Slices of Ham or Bacon.

Note, If you have cold Ham in the House, that cut into Slices and broil’d does full as well, or better, to lay round the Dish.