To marinate Chickens


Cut two Chickens into Quarters, lay them in Vinegar for three or four Hours with Pepper, Salt, a Bay-Leaf, and a few Cloves, make a very thick Batter, first with Half a Pint of Wine and Flour, then the Yolks of two Eggs, a little melted Butter, some grated Nutmeg, and chopp’d Parsley; beat all very well together, dip your Fowls in the Batter, and fry them in a good deal of Hogs Lard, which must first boil before you put your Chickens in; let them be of a fine Brown, and lay them in your Dish like a Pyramid, with fry’d Parsley all round them. Garnish with Lemon, and have some good Gravy in Boats or Basons.