To dress a Duck with Cucumbers


Take three or four Cucumbers, pare them, take out the Seeds, cut them into little Pieces, lay them in Vinegar for two or three Hours before, with two large Onions peeled and sliced, then do your Duck as above; then take the Duck out, and put in the Cucumbers and Onions, first drain them in a Cloth, let them be a little Brown, shake a little Flour over them, in the mean time let your Duck be stewing in the Sauce-pan with Half a Pint of Gravy for a Quarter of an Hour, then add to it the Cucumbers and Onions, with Pepper and Salt to your Palate, a good Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and two or three Spoonfuls of Red Wine, shake all together, and let it stew together for eight or ten Minutes, then take up the Duck and pour the Sauce over it.

Or you may roast your Duck and make this Sauce and pour over it, but then a Quarter of a Pint of Gravy will be enough.