To boil Snipes or Woodcocks


Boil them in good strong Broth, or Beef Gravy, made thus: Take a Pound of Beef, cut it into little Pieces, put it into two Quarts of Water, an Onion, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, a Blade or two of Mace, six Cloves, and some whole Pepper; cover it close, let it boil till about Half is wasted, then strain it off, put the Gravy into a Sauce pan with Salt enough to season it, take the Snipes and gut them clean (but take Care of the Guts) put them into the Gravy and let them boil, cover them close, and ten Minutes will boil them, if they keep boiling; in the mean time, chop the Guts and Liver small, take a little of the Gravy the Snipes are boiling in, and stew the Guts in with a Blade of Mace; take some Crumbs of Bread, and have them ready try’d in a little fresh Butter crisp, of a fine light Brown; you must take about as much Bread as the inside of a stale Roll, and rub them small into a clean Cloth, when they are done let them stand ready in a Plate before the Fire.

When your Snipes are ready take about Half a Pint of the Liquor they are boiled in, and add to the Guts, two Spoonfuls of Red Wine, and a Piece of Butter, about as big as a Walnut, rolled in a little Flour, set them on the Fire, shake your Sauce-pan often (but don’t stir it with a Spoon) till the Butter is all melted, then put in the Crumbs, give your Sauce-pan a shake, take up your Birds, lay them in the Dish, and pour this Sauce over them. Garnish with Lemon.