To dress Plovers


To two Plovers take two Artichoke Bottoms boiled, some Chestnuts roasted and blanched, some Skirrets boiled, cut all very small, mix it with some Marrow or Beef Sewet, the Yolks of two hard Eggs, chop all together, season with Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg and a little Sweet Herbs, fill the Body of the Plover, lay them in a Sauce-pan, put to them a Pint of Gravy, a Glass of White Wine, a Blade or two of Mace, some roasted Chesnuts blanched, and Artichoke Bottoms cut into Quarters, two or three Yolks of hard Eggs, and a little Juice of Lemon; cover them close, and let them stew very softly an Hour; if you find the Sauce is not thick enough, take a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and put into the Sauce, shake it round, and when it is thick take up your Plover and pour the Sauce over them. Garnish with roasted Chestnuts.

Ducks are very good done this way.

Or you may roast your Plover as you do any other Fowl, and have Gravy Sauce in the Dish.

Or boil them with good Sellery Sauce, either White or Brown, just as you like.

The same way you may dress Wigeons.