To Dress a Brace of Carp with Gravy


First, knock the Carp on the Head, save all the Blood you can, scale it, and then gut it: Wash the Carp in a Pint of Red Wine, and the Rows; have some Water boiling with a Handful of Salt, a little Horse-raddish, and a Bundle of Sweet-herbs; put in your Carp, and boil it softly. When it is boiled, drain it well over the hot Water; in the mean time strain the Wine through a Sieve, put it into a Sauce-pan, with a Pint of good Gravy, two or three Blades of Mace, twelve Corns of black and twelve of white Pepper, six Cloves, an Anchovy, an Onion, and a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs; let them simmer very softly a Quarter of an Hour, then strain it, put it into the Saucepan again, and add to it two Spoonfuls of Ketchup, and a Quarter of a Pound of Butter rolled in a little Flour, half a Spoonful of Mushroom-pickle, if you have it, if not, the same Quantity of Lemon-juice; stir it all together, and let it boil. Boil one half of the Rows; the other half beat up with an Egg, half a Nutmeg grated, a little Lemon-peel cut fine, and a little Salt. Beat all well together, and have ready some nice Beef Dripping boiling in a Stew-pan, into which drop your Row, and fry them in little Cakes, about as big as a Crown-piece, of a fine light brown, and some Sippets cut thus ∆, and fry’d crisp, a few Oysters, if you have them, dipped in a little Batter, and fry’d brown, a good Handful of Parsley fry’d green.

Lay the Fish in the Dish, the boiled Rows on each Side, the Sippets standing round the Carp, pour the Sauce boiling hot over the Fish; lay the fry’d Rows and Oysters, with Parsley and scraped Horse-raddish, and Lemon between, all round the Dish; the rest of the Cakes and Oysters lay in the Dish, and send it to Table hot. If you would have the Sauce white, put in White Wine, and good strong Veal Gravy, with the above Ingredients. Dressed as in the Lent Chapter, is full as good, if your Beer is not bitter.

As to Dressing of Pike, and all other Fish, you have it in the Lent Chapter; only this, when you dress them with a Pudding, you may add a little Beef-suet cut very fine, and good Gravies in the Sauce.