A Green Peas Soop


Take a small Nuckle of Veal, about three or four Pounds, chop it all to Pieces, set it on the Fire in six Quarts of Water, a little Piece of lean Bacon, about half an Ounce steeped in Vinegar an Hour, four or five Blades of Mace, three or four Cloves, twelve Pepper-corns of black Pepper, twelve of white, a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs and Parsley, a little Piece of Upper Crust toasted crisp, cover it close, and let it boil softly over a slow Fire, till half is wasted; then strain it off, and put to it a Pint of Green Peas, and a Lettice cut small, four Heads of Salary cut very small, and washed clean. Cover it close, and let it stew very softly over a slow Fire two Hours; in the mean time boil a Pint of Old Peas in a Pint of Water very tender, and strain them well through a coarse Hair-sieve, and all the Pulp, then pour it into the Soop, and let it boil together. Season with Salt to your Palate; but not too much. Fry a French Role crisp, put it in your Dish, and pour your Soop in; be sure there be full two Quarts.

Mutton-Gravy will do, if you have no Veal; or a Shin of Beef chopped to Pieces: A few Asparagus Tops are very good in it.