To Make Mutton Broth


Take a Neck a Mutton about six Pounds, cut it in two, boil the Scrag, in a Gallon of Water, skim it well, then put in a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs, an Onion, and a good Crust of Bread. Let it boil an Hour, then put in the other Part of the Mutton, a Turnip or two, some dried Merry-golds, a few Clives chopped fine, a little Parsley chopped small; put these in about a Quarter of an Hour before your Broth is enough; season it with Salt, or you may put in a Quarter of a Pound of Barley, or Rice at first. Some love it thickened with Oatmeal, and some with Bread, and some love it seasoned with Mace, instead of Sweet Herbs and Onion. All this is Fancy and different Palates. If you boil Turnips for Sauce, don’t boil all in the Pot, it makes the Broth too strong of them, but boil them in a Sauce-pan.