To make an Olive-Pye


Make your Crust ready, then take the thin Collops of the But-end of a Leg of Veal, as many as you think will fill your Pye. Hack them with the Back of a Knife, and season them with Salt, Pepper, Cloves and Mace; wash over your Collops with a Bunch of Feathers dipped in Eggs, and have in Readiness a good Handful of Sweet Herbs shread small; the Herbs must be Thyme, Parsley and Spinage, and the Yolks of eight hard Eggs minced, and a few Oysters parboiled and chopped, some Beef-suet shread very fine; mix these together, and strew them over your Collops, and sprinkle a little Orange Flour-water over them, and roll the Collops up very close, and lay them in your Pye; strewing the Seasoning over that is left, put Butter on the Top, and close up your Pye. When it comes out of the Oven, have ready some Gravy hot, and pour into your Pye; one Anchovy dissolved in the Gravy, pour it in boiling-hot; you may put in Artichoke-bottoms and Chesnuts, if you please. You may leave out the Orange-flower Water, if you don’t like it.