To make a Tart

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    The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

    By Hannah Glasse

    Published 1747

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    First make a fine Puff-paste, cover your Dish with the Crust, make a good Force-meat thus: Take a Pound of Veal, and a Pound of Beef suet, cut them small, and beat them fine in a Mortar; season it with a small, cut each into four Pieces; two Pair of Lamb-stones, cut in two each, twelve Cock’s Combs, half an Ounce of Trufflels and Morells, four Artichoke-bottoms cut each into four Pieces, a few Asparagus-tops, some fresh Mushrooms, and some pickled; put all together in your Dish.

    Lay first your Sweet-bread, then the Artichoke-bottom, then the Cock’s Combs, then the Truffles and Morells, then the Asparagus, then the Mushrooms, then the Force-meat Balls. Season the Sweetbreads with Pepper and Salt; fill your Pye with Water, and put on the Crust. Bake it two Hours.

    As to Fruit and Fish-pies, you have them in the Chapter for Lent.