A Calf’s-Head Pye

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Cleanse your Head very well, and boil it till it is tender; then carefully take off the Flesh as whole as you can; take out the Eyes, and slice the Tongue; make a good Puff-paste Crust, cover the Dish, lay in your Meat, throw over it the Tongue, lay the Eyes cut in two, at each Corner; season it with q very little Pepper and Salt, pour in Half a Pint of the Liquor it was boiled in, by a thin Top-Crust on, and bake it an Hour in a quick Oven. In the mean time boil the Bones of the Head in two Quarters of the Liquor, with two or three Blades of Mace, half a quarter of an Ounce of whole Pepper, a large Onion, and a Bundle of Sweet Herbs. Let it boil till there is about a Pint, then strain it off, and add two Spoonfuls of Ketchup, three of Red Wine, a Piece of Butter, as big as a Walnut, rolled in Flour, half an Ounce of Truffles and Morells; season with Salt to your Palate; boil it, and have half the Brains boiled- with some Sage, beat them, and twelve Leaves of Sage chopped fine: Stir all together, and give it a boil; take the other Part of the Brains, and beat them up with some of the Sage chopped fine, a little Lemon-peel minced fine, and half a small Nutmeg grated. Beat it up with an Egg, and fry it in little Cakes of a find light-brown, boil six Eggs hard, take only the Yolks; when your Pye comes out of the Oven, take off the Lid, lay the Eggs and Cakes over if, and pour the Sauce all over. Send it to Table hot without the Lid. This is a fine Dish; you may put in it as many fine Things as you please; but it wants no more Addition.