To Broil Haddocks, when they are in High Season


Scale them, gut, and wash them clean, don’t rip open the Belly, but take the Guts out with the Gills, dry them in a clean Cloth very well; if there be any Row or Liver, take it out, but put it in again. Flour them well, and have a clear good Fire, let your Gridiron be hot and clean, lay them on, turn thim quick two or three times for fear of sticking; then let one Side be enough, and turn the other Side; when that is done, lay them in your Dish, and have plain Butter in a Cup.

They eat finely salted a Day or two before you dress them, and hung up to dry, or boiled with Egg-sauce. Newcastle is a famous Place for salted Haddocks; they come in Barrels, and keep a great while.