To Fricasee Scate, or Thornback White


Cut the Meat clean from the Bone, Fins, &c. and make it very clean; cut it into little Pieces about an Inch broad, and two Inches long; lay it in your Stew-pan. To a Pound of the Flesh, put a quarter of a Pint of Water, a little beaten Mace, and grated Nutmeg, a little Bundle of Sweet Herbs, a little Salt; cover it, and let it boil three Minutes, take out the Sweet Herbs, put in a quarter of a Pint of good Cream, a Piece of Butter as big as a Wallnut rolled in Flour, a Glass of White Wine, keep shaking the Pan all the while one way, till it is thick and smooth, then dish it up, and Garnish with Lemon.