To boil Camphire Roots

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    The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

    By Hannah Glasse

    Published 1747

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    Take a Pound of Camphire Roots, scrape them clean, and cut them into little Pieces and put them into three Pints of Water. Let them boil till there is about a Pint, then strain it, and when it is cold, put it into a Sauce-pan. If there is any Settling at the Bottom, throw it away, and mix it with Sugar to your Palate, and Half a Pint of Mountain Wine, and the Juice of a Lemon. Let it boil then pour it into a clean earthen Pot, and set it by for use. Some boil it in Milk, and is very good where it will agree, and is reckoned a very great Strengthner.