To make Pork Pudding, or Beef, &c.


Make a good Crust with the Dripping, or Mutton-suet if you have if, shread fine, make a thick Crust, take a Piece of Salt Pork or Beef, which has been four and twenty Hours in soft Water; season it with a little Pepper, and put it into this Crust, and roll it up close, tye it in a Cloth, and boil it; if about four or five Pounds, boil it five Hours. And when you kill Mutton, make a Pudding the same way, only cut the Stakes thin, and season them with Pepper and Salt, and boil it three Hours if large; or two Hours if small, and so according to the Size.

Apple Pudding make with the same Crust, only pare the Apples, and core them, and fill your Pudding; if large ’twill take five Hours boiling. When it is enough, lay it in the Dish, cut a Hole in the Top, and stir in Butter and Sugar; lay the Piece on again, and send it to Table.

A Pruen Pudding eats fine made the same way, only when the Crust is ready, fill it with Prunes, and sweeten it according to your fancy; close it up, and boil it two Hours.