A Fowl Pye


First make a rich thick Crust, cover the Dish with the Paste, then take some very fine Bacon, or cold boiled Ham, slice it, and lay a Layer all over. Season with a little Pepper, then put in the Fowl, after it is picked and cleaned, and singed; shake a very little Pepper and Salt into the Belly, put in a little Water, and cover it with Ham, seasoned with a little beaten Pepper, put on the Lid and bake it two Hours. When it comes out of the Oven, take Half a Pint of Water, and boil it, and add to it as much of the strong Soop as will make the Gravy quite rich; pour it boiling hot into the Pan, and ley on the Lid again. Send it to Table hot, or lay a Piece of Beef, or Pork in soft Water twenty-four Hours, slice it in the room of the Ham, and it will eat fine.