To pickle Onions

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Take your Onions, when they are dry enough to lye up in your House, such as are about as big as a large Wallnut; or you may do some as small as you please. Take off only the outward dry Coat, then boil them in one Water without shiking, till they begin to grow tender; then drain them through a Cullinder, let them cool; as soon as they are quite cold, slip off two outward Coats or Skins, slip them till they look white from each other, and rub them gently with a fine soft Linnen Cloth, and lay them on a Cloth to cool. When this is done, put them into wide-mouthโ€™d Glasses, with about six or eight Bay leaves. To a Quarter of Onions, a quarter of an Ounce of Mace, two large Races of Ginger sliced; all these Ingredients must be interspersed here and there, in the Glasses among the Onions; then boil to each Quart of Vinegar two Ounces of Bay-salt, and skim it well as the Skim rises, and let it stand till it is cold; then pour it into the Glass, and cover it close with a wet Bladder dipped in Vinegar, and tye them down; they will eat well, and look white. As the Pickle wastes, fill them with cold Vinegar.