To make Surfeit Water

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Take Scurvy-grass, Brook-lime, Watercresses, Roman Wormwood, Rue, Mint, Balm, Sage’ Clivers, of each one Handful; green Merery, two Handfuls; Poppies, if fresh, half a Peck, if dry’ a quarter of a Peck; Scuchenel, Six Penny-worth; Saffron, Six Penny-worth; Anaseeds, Carraway-seeds, Coriander-seeds, Cardamon-seeds, of each an Ounce; Liquorish, two Ounces scraped; Figg split, a Pound; Raisins of the Sun stoned, a Pound; Juniper-berries, an Ounce bruised; Nutmeg, an Ounce beat; Mace, an Ounce bruised; Sweet Fennel seeds, an Ounce bruised; a few Flowers of Rosemary, Marigolds, and Sage-flowers. Put all these into a large Stone-jar, and put to them three Gallons of French Brandy, cover it close, and let it stand near the Fire for three Weeks. Stir it three times a Week, and be sure to keep it close stopped; then strain it off; bottle your Liquor, and pour on the Ingredients a Gallon more French Brandy. Let it stand a Week, stirring it once a Day; then Distil it in a cold Still, and this will make fine white Surfeit-water.

You may make this Water at any time of the Year, if you live at London, because the Ingredients are always to be had, either green or dry; but it is best made in Summer.