Pick your stock base... pork, chicken, fish, veggie

Choose your tare flavouring... shio (salt), shoryu (soy), miso

Add cooked ramen noodles... fresh, frozen or dried

Put in the protein... pork belly, chicken, minced pork, soft-boiled egg, prawns, crab, fish cake

Top it off with... chopped nori, spring onion (scallion), bamboo shoots, spinach, greens, savoy cabbage, bok choy, pickled shiitakes, pickled chillies

Sprinkle with a bit of... chilli paste, sesame seeds, furikake spice mix, togarashi spice mix

Big Delicious Bowl of Ramen

Ramen Etiquette

Hunch over the bowl when eating.

Use a spoon and chopsticks to eat noodles first.

Slurp loudly.

Drink broth last – straight out of the bowl!