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My Asian Kitchen

My Asian Kitchen

by Jennifer Joyce


Jennifer Joyce has traveled widely in Asia for years, collecting recipes and stories on her journeys. This book is for anyone who has a penchant for the varied cooking of the region, from Chinese Spicy Xian Pork Noodles to Filipino Adobo Chicken. For cooks who are looking to try out some unfamiliar dishes, these recipes are tried and tested (and taste great).

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Jennifer Joyce shows how easy it is to create zingy, fresh, healthy Asian flavours at home. From grilled sticky skewers and steak tacos, salads, rice bowls and dumplings, to prawn katsu bao and miso-glazed ribs, My Asian Kitchen is an adventure in the dazzling diversity of modern Asian cooking.

Bao buns, pho, sushi, poke bowls, gyoza, ramen and kimchi: Jennifer's exquisitely simple recipes, no-nonsense explanation of ingredients, hand-drawn diagrams and beautiful photographs are all you need to start cooking in your very own Asian Kitchen.

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Murdoch Books
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Susan Low

Food writer

I love cooking food from all across Asia and I have innumerable books on the subject covering everything from Lao fish and seafood to making your own miso. But when I want something to cook for dinner, that will taste the way it ought to, and will really work, this is the book that I turn to, and whether it’s bao buns or ramen, it never, ever lets me down.