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My Street Food Kitchen

My Street Food Kitchen

by Jennifer Joyce


American-born, London-based food writer Jennifer Joyce has a sense of adventure and a wanderlust that's matched only by her well-trained palate. The street-food recipes in this beautifully produced book include everything from Chinese Jiaozi Dumplings to Santorini Tomato Fritters, plus so much more. The recipes are thoroughly road-tested and are guaranteed to work – and taste just like the street food of your travels (or dreams).

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Recreate the mouth-watering cuisine from your travels: My Street Food Kitchen contains 150 recipes taking you on a culinary tour of the best street food worldwide. Renowned food writer Jennifer Joyce (Meals in Heels) brings you a variety of new flavours from Mexico to the Mediterranean as well as your recognised local classics.

Catering for meat eaters, vegetarians and the health conscious alike, My Street Food Kitchen is simply a must-have for anybody interested in world cuisine and widening their culinary palette.

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Murdoch Books
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Behind the Cookbook: My Street Food Kitchen

Behind the Cookbook: My Street Food Kitchen

Food writer, author, and stylist Jennifer Joyce grew up in the US and has lived in the UK for 27 years. Her love of good food is matched by her sense of wanderlust, her curious palate, and her brilliant recipe-writing skills (Jennifer’s recipes really work). In My Street Food Kitchen, Jennifer explores the street-food scene in Mexico & South America, the Mediterranean, East and Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and the US, and delivers recipes that taste as good in your home kitchen as they do on your travels. We quizzed Jennifer about what ‘street food’ is, how she researched the book and tracked down the recipes – and asked about her favorite cookbook authors.