Smoked Cream


  • 2.2 litres (74 fl oz) cream
  • 8 vine cuttings


Leave the cream out for about 5 hours to come up to room temperature and sour.

To build a smoker, take a deep tray and make a small fire in it, using two or three vine cuttings. Smother the cuttings with a thin flat tray on top, locking in all the smoke. Remove the flat tray and place the cream in a shallow bowl on a wire rack on the smothered cuttings. Put the thin tray on top again and leave to smoke for about 1 hour. Remove the cream from the smoker, add another couple of vine cuttings, allow the smoke to build up again and smoke the cream for another hour. Repeat the process once more, so the cream has been smoked for a total of 3 hours. Remove the bowl from the smoker and chill in the fridge.